2 ways companies are losing fans on Facebook

Roland Smart

Despite recent struggles, Facebook continues to dominate the social environment. And the platform’s Open Graph environment is a powerful tool that allows companies to “frictionlessly” and continuously share users’ actions, after the users have given permission.

But many companies are misusing the tool, alienating users, and losing fans instead of locking in important interactive relationships. We spoke with Roland Smart, VP of marketing at Involver, about critical do’s and don’ts.

Conversation highlights

0:00 – Don’t: think of Facebook’s Open Graph applications as part of a campaign.
1:43 – Do: create a parallel opt-in and non opt-in experience.
2:35 – Don’t: ask for permissions up front.
3:05 – Do: show the value exchange first.
3:35 – Do: start a relationship, thank the users.
3:50 – Here are two ways to respond when a user says “no.”

Run time is 4:45.

Roland Smart oversees product marketing and strategy for Involver. Smart offers a broad range of experience with social technology and advertising, having led the marketing team at Sprout/AdVine, a leading social/mobile ad creation platform. In addition, he led the marketing team at Adaptive Path, where he pursued his passion for bringing great user experience to enterprise-level technology platforms.