UCLA Social Business Course

Bamboo is very excited to be part of the UCLA Social Business Course that Social Media Adjunct Professor Dr. Natalie Petouhoff is teaching. Forbes Social Media and Mobilized Columnist, Mark Fidelman will be writing about the event and the ROI of social media calculators, videos and resources Dr. Natalie Petouhoff uses to help her Fortune […]


Online Game-based Marketing can be Big Business

To win new customers online, more companies are turning to games. Brands whose efforts at interacting with fans online were once limited to listing an e-mail address are now offering customers points, badges and other rewards for sharing experiences with friends. Game-based marketing efforts have found a home in the Bay Area, where a growing […]


How to Avoid the Great Social Media Crash of 2011

Warning: Social media may be heading for a big crash in 2011. It’s not going to crash because it’s ineffective. And it’s not going to crash because people stop using it. It might well crash because most businesses don’t know how to measure the ROI of their social media campaigns. Are you one of those […]


On a Hunt for What Makes Gamers Keep Gaming

By the age of 21, the typical American has spent 10,000 hours playing computer games, and endured a smaller but much drearier chunk of time listening to sermons about this sinful habit. Why, the experts wail, are so many people wasting their lives solving meaningless puzzles in virtual worlds? Now some other experts — ones […]